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Unsure :iconjmccarty09:JMcCarty09 25 2 Nom Nom :iconbamabelle2012:BamaBelle2012 54 9 BAD CONTACT :icononeoftheclan:oneoftheclan 69 12
legs splash from milky sheets.
she rises from the bed like a wave
and crests, just before bare feet touch wood
and fog crawls across the mirror.
footsteps leave damp prints on the floor.
she sings in muted tendrils that float through
hollow rooms.
the sun dries her hair with copper fingers.
the shadows bunch beneath her feet
and she tosses them across the sky-
painting clouds over the staring sun.
mile-long legs stretch across the world
and she
makes love to the hand-me-down earth.
her quickened breath becomes the wind
and sails ships across the seven seas.
when the sun grows weary,
she tucks it into bed with her brushes
and crimson-golden paint.
she sings songs while the stars
roll and tumble down the edge of night.
the moon wiggles in her teacup,
she sips carefully, pensively;
the man in the moon plants warm honey kisses
inside her mouth.
and they grow into peals of strawber
:iconmercury-the-queen:Mercury-the-Queen 240 147
i miss you like hell.
hell, i miss you like
roses in our bath,
the water going cold and your warm legs against me,
the shampoo in my hair
pop pop popping
until you pushed me under,
our goosebumps colliding like
flint and steel.

hell, i miss you like
dewy orchard apples, crisp and sweet-tart
and cold, so cold,
your tongue like a pink lady,
i miss you like
the snow outside our window,
our backs frozen against the trees
and your eyelashes-
flavoured like saltwater and rain.
i miss you like
the fog that roamed our streets in early morning,
apparitions, phantoms, spectres,
and you,
cloaked in blackness.
i miss
the sound of your breath.

the silence is the only thing i've come to fear.
:iconmercury-the-queen:Mercury-the-Queen 20 31
there are stray-cat men who ramble through my bar rooms,
ponytails that drip down their backs
and they wear ink beneath their skin,
blue jeans that are soft and faded, hands
whose callouses rub spots on my tables, and
how many times have i felt the sticky-cold smack of a bandana,
the bristle of an unshaved mouth running rough against my thigh?

there is a certain poetry about the way a hair
sticks to naked skin.
i am weaved between burning legs,
dripping oil and gasoline
we roar like tigers
in a concrete jungle.
the morning after is
heat between my thighs and an empty bed,
shy noseprints on the window and my best friend
poured in a dirty glass,
if you feed them,
stray-cat men have a way of coming back.
on the nights when i forget whose name i need to scream...
:iconmercury-the-queen:Mercury-the-Queen 19 27
we crash seafoam
when my bones are driftwood,
i dive for pearls in your hair,
lose my breath and realize that
i don't need it;
your sighs suffice to fill my canvas lungs.
our bodies carve castles in the sand.
("you've practiced," you whisper.
"tongues in tidepools have taught you to love.")

the moon swells the waves.
your kneecaps remind me of
dolphin noses,
your fingertips are hermit crabs
that scuttle on my skin.

(we howl like seaside wolves, and then)
when morning comes i can't help but see the way you
sprawl like yawning waves in the early morning tide.
you are a shipwreck.
between sailor's-knotted sheets
we sweat the ocean,
you, a siren,
i, odysseus chained.
:iconmercury-the-queen:Mercury-the-Queen 28 31
I love you Lottie :iconbeautifully-ordinary:Beautifully-Ordinary 13 0 Sir Bogard :icontrenchmaker:trenchmaker 4,645 378 Scooter Playing Around :iconjerishecyane:JerisheCyane 7 1 lacey :iconkaykay18tink:kaykay18tink 4 2 Little dogs by D.D. :iconmojito24:Mojito24 38 10
from the blazing pages...
because you listened
at the tip of the stair,
the phonograph coughed its secrets
and you
grew up thinking
that pretty women needed saved,
that apples were poisoned and
knights rode into sunsets without getting burned.
but the first one you held
taught you that
magic mirrors never tell them they're beautiful,
and you saw the spindle-scratches on her arms
(because princes have roaming hearts, and they
stay a little while and then
slip away.)
and the one you married wouldn't touch you
"i'm a golden egg, not a tiny pea,"
and you said it didn't matter
but she broke the beanstalk and sent you
and your daughter told you
"straw is straw, and
no matter how i spin it
i will still wear rags."
and when she kicked as you sized her for a
you thought that maybe
some are beyond your help.
then your son became a knight with sunset burns,
and you realized that death does not wear a cloak
because he is beautiful and so
:iconmercury-the-queen:Mercury-the-Queen 26 61
I will always love you 2 :iconizuri-chan93:Izuri-Chan93 443 139 Marble Airlines :iconpeytonrack:PeytonRack 9 0 Can't Hide the Past :iconfrechstudios:frechstudios 1,229 299



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